Parking regulations at Mount Pleasant Centre

Mount Pleasant Centre has new parking conditions in the undercover, upstairs and Best & Less parking areas. The conditions are in place to ensure that customers of Mount Pleasant Centre enjoy these prime parking locations to do their shopping with the convenience of parking in the best location to access the Centre. There are no parking conditions for staff or customers in any other areas and all parking remains free at the Centre.

So what does this mean?

The undercover and upstairs car park areas have a three-hour parking limit. The Best & Less entry car park has a one-hour express parking limit, to allow customers to park in proximity to the centre if they are visiting to do a quick shop. Disability parking will not have any conditions, and any vehicle displaying a valid disability permit can park in any car park as long as required.

Will I get a breach notice if I stay over the time limit?

If you are shopping at the centre and you happen to stay more than three hours and receive a notice, simply bring the notice in to us at the Centre Management Office, show your receipts and we will take your registration details to pass onto the Traffic Monitoring Services with an instruction to waive the breach.

What if I work in the Centre and come in on my days off to shop?

Centre staff and retailers can enjoy these prime parks on days that they are here to do their personal shopping. If a staff member does intend to shop in the centre on their days off, the same procedure applies as any other customer.

The centre has these conditions in place to ensure that our customers enjoy convenient parking facilities, and improve the overall shopping experience at Mount Pleasant Centre. We will continue to review the conditions to ensure the best outcome for all patrons.

In the meantime if you have any further queries regarding these parking regulations, please contact Centre Management on 4969 2400 or Traffic Monitoring Services on 1800 467 241.

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