Genius Ways to Keep Kids Happy on Road Trips

News| 21st June 2021
Genius Ways to Keep Kids Happy on Road Trips
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Pack your bags – it’s road trip time! Hitting the wide-open road has always been a source of adventure and bliss…unless you have restless kids. In which case, it’s often an exercise in creativity to keep little minds occupied for the long drive.

Many youngsters are forever itching to be entertained and ­– when confined to the cabin of a car – they can start eating into that feeling of freedom pretty quickly.

Fortunately, we’ve jotted down some top tips for achieving smooth family travels.

1. Edible DIY jewellery

One of the easiest ways to keep little ones occupied is through their stomachs, especially if you get creative with things. Edible DIY jewellery will not only curb hunger in the car but is a great excuse for a family ‘crafternoon’ at home before you leave.

Simply thread snacks with holes – like pretzels, cereal and dried fruit rings from Woolworths – onto a piece of string, then tie it into a knot and voilà, you have a delicious necklace that your kids can nibble on while you drive.

2. Family sing-alongs

Before you hit the road, create a playlist of songs from your kids’ favourite movies or soundtracks and as soon as they start getting restless­, hit play. Pick up a couple of wooden spoon ‘microphones’ to jazz things up a bit and make them feel like they are centre stage.

3. Surprise travel tote bags

Keep your kids entertained for hours with the element of surprise. Fill a small tote with a collection of fun toys and objects from Kmart. These could include small picture books, notepads, colouring pencils, pipe cleaners and other toys of all shapes and sizes. Invite them to pull a new surprise out at fun intervals (such as every time you pass a dog in a car).

4. LEGO on the go

Another simple toy hack that promises hours of fun is a travel LEGO or building block kit. Simply pick up a set from Kmart and an old storage container or lunchbox, glue a layer of blocks to the bottom of the container and then fill it with loose ones. Easy stacking fun for everyone!

5. Tiny travel journals

Put the power to be entertained in your kids’ hands and create a tiny travel journal. You can include space to draw things you see, lists of sights to cross off, homemade maps to follow, puzzles to solve, and games to play – the potential for entertainment is endless.

6. Healthy snack packs

Get inventive with a lunchbox that has plenty of fun compartments and fill each one with a yummy, healthy snack from your favourite fruit and veg shop or deli.

7. Mini movie marathon

If you’re desperate for a quiet stretch, you can always load some family favourite movies onto a tablet – but don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pack a travel charger!

With these little hacks up your sleeve, you’ll be all set for a fun and entertaining family road trip with the kids. Don’t forget to share your own tips or hacks by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #HolidayMood.

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