Sinclair Meats

Sinclair Meats Mt Pleasant is a Butcher Shop that sources quality Grassfed Beef and Pasture Fed Lamb from their Family owned and operated Farms in Victoria.

Aussie Pork and Fresh Chicken is sourced from dedicated farmers in Queensland that have high husbandry standards similar to their own Family Farms.

You know you can always rely on Sinclair Meats to produce the best products for you with Qualified Butchers in store everyday.

Come in and see for yourself the quality, price and expertise that Sinclair Meats can offer you.

Real Meat, Real Butchers and Real Farmers.

Sinclair Meats are a butcher shop that demands quality prime lamb, pork and beef. They hand source their produce from Victorian, New South Whales and Tasmanian farms. Their stores have qualified butchers on hand all day, every day. As a result, they are able to provide their customers with the exact cuts and quantities they require. See for yourself the difference when buying from a wholesale butcher.
Quality, price, and expertise.